In just 24 months MODRN BUSINESS Podcast has quickly become a top podcast in franchising and is now one of the largest franchise community podcast’s in the world.

MODRN BUSINESS PODCAST host and technology evangelist Ryan Hicks has been busy, producing more than [130 episodes in 2019]. MODRN BUSINESS explores business technology & lessons from growth minded leaders in all walks of franchising.”

The MODRN BUSINESScontent team completed a 26 state national podcast tour during the summer of 2019 and recorded 116 podcasts for both MB Podcast and its sponsor and sister site, Franchisors.com.

The Podcast now averages about 5,000 hours listened per month, with the primary audience being executives and founders of franchise brands.The audience also ranges across all walks of the franchise community including large multi-unit operators, supplier companies, and independent franchise oporators.


Aslam Khan, Chairman of Falcon Holdings (operates 2,000 restaurants across several brands), Mike Bidwell, CEO of Neighborly Brands (2,100 locations – 23 brands) Mary Kennedy Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of Neighborly Brands, Dawn LaFreeda (largest franchisee of Denny’s Restaurants – 83 locations),John C Miller,CEO of Denny’s,Kevin King, Chief Development Officer of Smoothie King, John Venhuizen, CEO of ACE Hardware Corporation, Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO of Vaynermedia and 2019 IFA Keynote, and many more.


MODRN BUSINESS offers multiple series focused on different niches. Millennials in Franchising hosted by Zack Fishman, which bolsters many of the “NextGen in Franchising” competition winners and many other guests who are among the most “successful” young franchise founders in the world. Our Women in Franchising segment is hosted by Ashley Schuetz and has profiled guests such as Susan Boresow, Mary Kennedy Thompson, and GiGi Butlermany more. Lastly, our “Nexus” series is hosted by Justin Mink from Scorpion Internet Marketing and focuses on the intersection of culture and brand building.

The podcast is available on all major platforms including Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, Overcast and more.


Ryan is a partner and the VP of Business Development for Rallio, the worlds #1 social media and reputation management platform for franchise businesses. He is also the creator of MODRN BUSINESS podcast which now has one of the largest franchise community audience’s in the world.

Prior to Rallio, Ryan has helped support franchisors and their franchisees through multiple B2B technologies, most recently FranPOS Inc. which he has now exited. In college he founded Campus VIP and grew it to 7 major college campuses in the south with over 600 local businesses on the platform.

Mr. Hicks is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE), has served on the International Franchise Association’s FranPAC task force, and is passionate about evangelizing the franchise business model.

Ryan lives in Dallas Texas after spending 4 years in Denver and 6 months in Silicon Valley.  When not traveling, he spends time with family and friends. He also enjoys skiing, reading, writing, snagging last minute flights, and a good hoppy IPA.

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